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Wednesday, January 12, 2011






My friend Sofia arranged this shoot for me! She lives in Toronto with an amazing photographer named Daryl Banks and one day over dinner Sofia said "I want to arrange a shoot for you with Daryl. As a present!" We set the date for December 18th - which I decided was also going to be my second birthday (Toronto Stylez). You can read about my first birthday here. To celebrate my second birthday, my mom and I went shopping in Kensington Market (where I bought the black dress I'm wearing special for the photo shoot) and then we met my family for a meal at my favorite restaurant, Rodneys Oyster Bar. There, I polished off a bunch of pints and oysters (mmmmm) and then hopped on the streetcar to meet Sofia and Daryl for the shoot!

These pictures are very special for me. I want to keep them forever and pass them down my future child, who will pass them down to her future child who will pass them down to their child who will say "Thats my great-bubby when she turned 21 for the second time."


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hey! I'm Jenny from Fashion Made Me Funky. I go weak in the knees for vintage, like to buy all my clothes on the cheap, oh, and I'm Canadian!

jenny hat

I've had some of the most creative time in my life when I'm out in the woods with my camera (Nikon D80), tripod and an outfit I've been dreaming up! I started taking outfit photos this past September and since then, I've gotten to know my style a lot better - my love for vintage has gone through the roof, I'm less afraid to be outrageous (last night I wore leopard-print pants to a party hah!) and I'm trying to be more attentive to details. My favorite place to take pictures are among nature, where the lighting is great, the colors are gorgeous and other people can be avoided!

Big thanks to Kirstin for including me in this feature!


Livin La Vida Vintage

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



How was your new years eve? Equipped with my bottle of champagne and my fancy hat, I took to the streets of Toronto with my closest friends from grade 12, who I've been lucky to spend every new years with since. These pictures were taken in a friends family cafe - we had full reign for the night, then off to a bar in Kensington Market (where I got my little black dress) and later, a party!

I’m never that intense about sticking to my resolutions but I’ve always used the turning of a new year to reflect on the last twelve months and start envisioning and dreaming for the coming dozen.

I’ve been shopping second hand for years, but in the summer I began to see vintage for the real gem that it is. Blame it on Mad Men, vintage style blogs (check out my *very* carefully crafted sidebar for this!) and my friend Jenni who is a vintage visionary. One of my major thoughts for the new year, aside from improving my posture, washing my hair more and graduating university, is to bring more vintage into my life. Cause with every little bit I collect, I find a little more of myself (d’aaaw) and I hope you’ll slowly but surely start to see this evolution on my blog too.

If I was going to make this a legit resolution out of this, it would be a challenge to myself – only buy vintage for the next year.





Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm sick like a little kid with the chicken pox. I can't say something like "Yeah...theres this bug going around" cause no one else I know is sick. Nope, it isnt a bug. It's me. I've made myself sick with stress, and regret, and rushing, and trying too hard instead of just being. I just realized that I blog when there is a sense of peace in my life and I haven't blogged since last September. So even though I've got summer course exams to get through and a throat infection to overcome, my changes start now.